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what products was PPI added to?


Credit Cards


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PPI was introduced to help customers cover payments on their loans or credit cards if they become sick or unemployed.

In some cases, customers didn't know that the product had been included in the terms of their loan. Other people felt pressured into taking out the PPI policy or were assured their loan application would be more successful if the policy was included.

If you believe you are a victim of a mis-sold PPI policy then you should make a claim.

Making a PPI Claim

Enter your details in the form above and our team will contact you to start your free PPI check. The banks have paid out over £24.5 billion in compensation* with billions more to come.

There are millions of people who have already successfully claimed for mis-sold PPI. PPI is commonly known as payment protection insurance and it was sold on a number of loans and credit cards and other forms of borrowing such as mortgages. PPI was developed to assist customers in making payments on their credit agreements if they became sick or ill. However, many people who were sold a PPI policy weren't eligible in the first place.

Our job is to help you find out whether you are entitled to a PPI refund and if you want us to, to help you claim it back.

What customers said

£11,987.55 **

Fabulous service! I have recommended to so many people, who are now using your services. For the first time in 15 years I haven't been over drawn. I have now cleared off all my debts and have left over money for myself and children. I would definitely recommend.

Mrs Oakley a Business Analyst from Walsall
£812.52 **

Received an excellent service from Stanton Fisher. I only had to make a couple of phone calls and then I received my settlement. I have already recommended this service to my friends

Mrs Ashton an NHS Manager from Blackpool
£39,027.43 **

This was a total hassle free process. It only took me one phone call and I have just recently received my settlement from Stanton Fisher. I would certainly recommend this service and company to anyone.

Mr Littlewood a Construction Site Manager from Halifax
£14,022 **

It was a very easy process where all the paperwork was filled out for me. Stanton Fisher had no problem getting me the maximum compensation. I don't believe I would have got this compensation making the claim on my own.

* FCA statistics as at 16th May 2018 for total PPI compensation paid out by all financial institutions across the industry

**amount calculated prior to deduction of applicable taxes and fees