Reclaim PPI Sold on Credit Cards

Most people have only heard of PPI in association with loans, however, if you’ve taken out a credit card or store card you may be eligible to reclaim back mis-sold PPI. Whether you still have the card or not, if you’ve been mis-sold PPI you may be able to reclaim your money. If you’re not sure whether you can remember the details of old cards, you could get in touch with an organisation who will be able to give you a FREE PPI check.

You can rest assured that card providers should not close your account during your claim process. Even better though is that claiming will not affect your credit rating.

To decide whether you were mis-sold PPI on your credit card, consider the following:

Did you know you were taking out PPI? Was the concept of PPI explained to you? If not you may have been mis-sold.

Did you know that if you were unemployed, a student or retired, you may not be eligible to make a claim, even if you’ve been paying PPI?

Did you already have financial insurance in place? Did you need to have PPI as well? If you had financial provision in case of accident, sickness or unemployment you may not have needed PPI.

Did you feel under pressure to take out PPI? You should never have felt pressured into buying PPI, and if you felt you were pressured there’s a chance you may have been mis-sold.

Did you know all the reasons as to why you could be excluded from claiming back PPI? If you weren’t aware of the exclusions in the policy you may have a case for making a complaint.

Were you entitled to full sick pay by your employer? As mentioned, if you had existing financial provision in case of accident, sickness or unemployment you may have been mis-sold.

Did you know the full breakdown of all costs involved in taking out PPI? If you weren’t aware how much the PPI policy was costing you, you may be due a refund.

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