What Can I Claim For?

If you’ve been wondering ‘what can I claim for’ you’ll be pleased to know that many people can make a claim for payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation if they have been mis-sold their PPI policy.

PPI was introduced to help customers cover payments on their loans or credit cards if they become sick or unemployed.
In some cases, customers didn’t know that the product had been included in the terms of their loan. Other people felt pressured into taking out the PPI policy or were assured their loan application would be more successful if the policy was included.
If you believe you are a victim of a mis-sold PPI policy then you should make a claim.


How Do I Know if I had PPI?

If you took out a loan or credit card then there is a possibility you may have been mis-sold PPI.

One of our members of staff will contact you to ask a few questions and we’ll then send you our Free PPI Check Pack which you need to read, ensure you understand and then simply date, sign and return to us. We’ll check and tell you if you have PPI for free! If we find out you have got PPI with any of your lenders, you can choose to use our experienced team to process your claim† or make a claim yourself.

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† Your PPI check will be undertaken for free. You may then choose to instruct us to investigate and if applicable, claim back your mis-sold PPI or you can do so yourself. If you instruct us, this will be subject to our fees and our standard Claim Terms and Conditions, which are available here.